A colorful evening from 7 countries of the VELA family: China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos và Cambodia. The typical cultural features of the countries are shown by the Vietnamese VELAers through the traditional costumes that are extremely well-groomed and graceful.

A very meaningful evening in VELA, enjoying dinner in a cozy space, receiving the results after a year of struggle, and chilling with colleagues in the space of VELA HUB Garden.

A very meaningful and memorable party night with quiet moments when listening to the sharing of Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hieu - CEO about VELA's past 1-year journey, looking back on the meaningful 2022 journey and goals Targets for 2023 are also set.

2022 - a challenging year but full of efforts of the VELA team had ended. An old journey had ended, and a new journey has opened with breakthroughs and expectations.

2023 - is a breakthrough and explosive year for VELA. Be ready to accelerate our development

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