VELA Corp inspires students at event JobFair.


As a Startup company, we understand the value from young people, from students who are still in school... so VELA Corp's team was present at JobFair - Recruitment Day held at the University Technology – National University was recently on April 6, bringing future career opportunities for students.

VELA Corp team at JobFair was held at University of Technology - National University

What did you miss at JobFair in the VELA Corp booth?

  • Interesting games
  • Attractive gifts
  • Future career directions

And especially the impressive job opportunities from VELA Corp - one of the dynamic Startup businesses with a young working environment!

The small booth with many surprises of VELA Corp is being urgently prepared
before the time

Coming to JobFair this time, VELA's team is mainly members in their 20s, so the dynamism and enthusiasm shown by our actions and words, we have shown the closeness, wishes to connect with young people through games, practical career advice... Along with the careful preparation of facilities, VELA Corp's booth, although located in a remote location It is not beautiful, but it stands out and attracts a larger number of students to visit than many large businesses.

The introduction booth of VELA Corp always attracts many students to visit

The introduction booth of VELA Corp always attracts many students to visit

Lovely logo printed cups, fans, sticks that are hard to refuse… VELA Corp in today's recruitment day at the University of Technology has become an ideal destination for young people. Just like how we recruit candidates, VELA cares about needs, understands what candidates want and gives what they need.

Students are very interested in VELA's Startup projects

Regardless of the rain, regardless of the hot weather, that day the VELA red shirt on the campus of the University of Technology showed all the enthusiasm that came from the hearts of VELA people. That is the image with the "unceasing desire" of an enterprise with the foundation of technology that is going up with the appreciation of the values ​​of people and young human resources...

Students receive enthusiastic support from VELA red-shirted warriors

Students take pictures with Ms Mai Thi Giang - CHRO of VELA

This event left an unforgettable impression on the recruitment team of VELA Corp, seeing the smiles on their young faces, listening to their career-related sharings and their future plans made us happy. I still remember the day I also just graduated from school, standing on the threshold of choosing a career…although it is still incomplete, the team believes that through our sharing in the spirit of those who have gone before, there will be useful to them when orienting their future career. Who knows, they are today, and in the future they will be colleagues of our team at VELA Corp.