On August 14, 2023, VelaGroup had a meaningful and humanitarian program. We are glad that members of our extended family, partners, customers, and outsiders know about the program and enthusiastically participated in the spirit of contributing to society.

There were first times full of surprise and anxiety, some people almost fainted, and some people were dizzy and lightheaded... But it was still a bright smile because of a good deed with enthusiasm and love for the community. Thank you for the successful program, and thank you for staying healthy

80 blood bags (350ml, 450ml) were given to Ho Chi Minh City Humanitarian Blood Donation Center. Hopefully, VelaGroup's upcoming community-oriented programs will continue to receive everyone's companionship so that the spirit of love and affection is spread more widely.

Once again, VelaGroup would like to thank everyone who took their valuable time to come and spread positive energy to society.