It is a series of events in the program to celebrate VELA's 6th birthday. Games from wisdom, skills, and musical knowledge have extremely attracted the members to participate in a bustling and exciting atmosphere.

VELA was in time to capture those beautiful, meaningful moments, and the outstanding warriors overcame many opponents to win. Let's review the series of events in VELA's great war now!

1. Caro Great War

Considered the national game and also the first game to open a series of events to celebrate VELA 6 years old. In battle, they are equal competitors, in work they are colleagues who love and help each other. Victory, feelings of joy, or regret leave us with wonderful and unforgettable memories.

Congratulations to the best warriors of the CARO Great War: 

Mr. Dang Van Cuong - 1st place

Mr. Duong Ngoc Phuong - 2nd place

 Mr. Nguyen Van Hien - 3rd place

2. Music Arena

The game leaves the most laughter but also the most tension. When the members of the VELA family competed against music in all genres such as youth music, children's music, old music, and foreign music... they couldn't make it difficult for them. The battle had moments of confrontation but in the end, what left an impression in our hearts was the handshakes accompanied by the happy smiles of the teams.

And congratulations to the best teams of the Arena of Music:

1st place - R&D

2nd place - Luminous

 3rd place: Vifiba

3. Ring the Golden Bell

Mind games with questions on topics from history, geography, science, ... can not be difficult for VELAers.

And congratulations to Ms. Quach Yen Quan has defeated many contestants and become their owne. In addition, all the contestants in the final round were very talented, participated with all their might, and conquered many of the challenging questions. Congratulations to you.

4. League of Legends

The game attracts a lot of VELA gamers to gather here. After extremely stressful qualifying rounds, we also found excellent faces, explosive emotions, and strategies with teammates to bring about victory.

Congratulations 3 teams

1st place - Team Warriors.

2nd place - Team Winners & Luminous & Digital.

3rd place - Team R&D.

5. Great War Football (male, female)
An annual activity in the series of events to celebrate VELA's birthday is the Great War Football tournament.

The matches of the men's teams are extremely suspenseful and thrilling. Besides, there is no shortage of matches that bring laughter to the members, which is the match of the VELA women's team, under the guidance and enthusiastic guidance of the male coaches of VELA, which has created a tournament. Impressive and memorable game for this season.

1st place - Team Trung Nien

2nd place - Team Doi Tre 2

3rd place - Team Thanh Nien

1st place - Team Vu Dai

2nd place - Team Xom Hanh

 6. Writing About My VELA Family

The activity that ended the series of events to celebrate VELA's birthday was the writing contest about my VELA Family. Memories are woven into ideas so that the members can express their feelings to VELA, to their "second family".

And in this contest, we have received many emotional letters expressing the love of VELAers for VELA.

Let's save the memorable memories of the VELA's great war in 2022. The laughter, the effort, and the teamwork above all bring victory. That is VELA, the place to protect and accompany the VELAers.