"Love Yourself"

Women know how to love themselves, is there anything stopping you from being successful and happy?

VELA hopes that you always love yourself. Choose a job that you are passionate about, do what you love, eat delicious food, wear nice clothes, watch good movies, meet people who make you happy, and enjoy your life. Each girl of VELA will always be independent, strong, confident, and live to the fullest.

On this occasion, VELA collaborated with BoShop - a distributor of genuine cosmetics. Since the morning, BoShop has appeared with a lot of famous cosmetics with up to 50% off, 5K shock deal products, and a lucky wheel with extremely attractive gifts.

Although they were informed in advance about the gathering of flowers, men were nervous and confused when wrapping each bouquet. This may be the first time, but it all becomes sweet when each woman who receives flowers has a bright smile.

With the beautiful sunset on the terrace of the VELA HUB building, we sing together, play minigames, receive rewards, and eat together. A perfect end to a day. Hope you will have happy smiles every day