[PHILIPPINES] VELA - J&T EXPRESS 4 years of cooperation, companionship and development


J&T EXPRESS is an IT-based and e-commerce industry. J&T EXPRESS is the first shipping strategic partner of VELA in the Philippines. On July 14, 2022, on the 4th anniversary of cooperation, VELA had a visit, exchange and meeting at J&T EXPRESS headquarters.

J&T EXPRESS office

Started signing in June 2018, J&T EXPRESS has really been an important partner that plays a role in helping VELA conquer the Philippines market, serving as a springboard for VELA to expand to Indonesia, Thailand and soon Malaysia.

Due to the severe impact of the Covid pandemic on a global scale for more than 2 years, VELA is still strongly maintaining its business and growing. VELA has completed the service ecosystem model, including full-service operation (VELA ONE) and effective sales support services for Vendor (SME business unit). The service ecosystem has created a strong attraction, addressing the needs and desires of Vendors who want to do business in the ASEAN market. The meeting also helped the two sides agree on solutions to enhance and promote operational handling capabilities, promising to improve operational capacity while VELA is on the rise.

The meeting helped the two sides agree on many important issues in promoting operational capacity

J&T EXPRESS logistics

Currently J&T EXPRESS is present in 10 countries, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Cambodia, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Mexico.