VELA Corp with integration training for new staff


When will a relationship be stronger?

When there is understanding about the other party.

Integration training is one of the internal activities focused by VELA Corp. Because VELA Corp understands that: for a new employee, quickly adapting to the job, understanding the company well, and building good relationships with colleagues will contribute to helping them improve their working efficiency as well. like to stay longer with the company.

Identity image of VELA Corp - Endless aspiration

At VELA Corp, on the first day, before starting work, new employees will be guided on tools, processes, and clues in their work; Get acquainted directly with departments and projects in the company.

In addition, new employees will participate in a more in-depth training session on the size of the company and its member units, divisions, departments, vision, mission, core values, internal cultural activities, Culture Department, Trade Union Executive Committee, regulations, welfare policies...

A small game to help new employees feel more comfortable

VELAer shows his talent as a painter ^^

Go to "study" and get gifts again!!

During the training session, the information conveyed clearly and vividly helped new employees quickly receive and understand more about VELA Corp as well as the benefits and career development opportunities that can be achieved. and feel secure to give their best.

A product of Vove Culture Department about 5S activities at Velacorp

In addition, creating VELA Corp also regularly organizes internal training activities and open spaces to help each employee improve professional capacity, demonstrate capacity, unleash creativity at work and develop career his career.

VELA Corp believes that each new employee added will help the company grow stronger. Velaer should confidently apply his knowledge and skills to complete the job well, as well as jointly implement the mission of VELA Corp: "Promoting the development of the business community in Vietnam. Male".