VELA Corp cooperates with Google to organize “WomenWill”


Recently, VELA Corp. has cooperated with Google to organize an exchange and sharing program with the theme "WomenWill - Women in Industry 4.0" for female employees.

At the exchange, the girls met and exchanged a lot of good knowledge, opened up many new things, listened together, and shared useful and interesting experiences in work and life.

Womenwill is organized exclusively for the sisters of VELA Corp

The sisters not only understood the crux of gender inequality and discussed together how to solve problems caused by social and personal barriers. But also know how to overcome fear and unconscious biases to pursue your dreams.

Thereby, they can assess their own capacity to close the income gap in the current Industry 4.0.

The women of VELA always know how to become confident, brave women who can adapt to the changes and development trends of society.

VELA Corp also creates conditions for women to hone their skills to develop leadership capacity, thereby contributing to the organization and to the community.

Womenwill is part of the training program Vietnam digital 4.0 brings
new values ​​for the Vietnamese women's community in general and VELA Corp in particular

After the meeting, the VELA sisters had their own feelings, but what we saw was that they were happier, more excited and full of energy.

Ms Luan Fingroup shared: "After the program, I have more motivation to change some points of my existence: Live more aggressively with what you want, wanted to act, not lazy, need to overcome Overcome some existing fears to gain more confidence. VELA is creating a very good and interesting learning and working environment for its employees.”

"The event was very good and meaningful, after participating in the program, I felt more confident, wanted to do many things that I was still shy and hesitant before." These are the confessions of Ms. Lien, Baogam Customer Service.

“What do you feel proud of yourself for?” is a question that women receive and they have really thought, felt and are proud of it. If you can answer this question, you will also find yourself very strong, energetic and determined. From there, you have the motivation to overcome fear to pursue your dreams.

VELA sisters participated very actively in this sharing session

VELA Corp  also wants VELA sisters to attend other useful sharing sessions about: "Strengthening skills at work", "Application of technology in handling work" or the topic "Women get rich and economic autonomy in the new era” to improve one's skills and gain work experience. Help them gain confidence and thrive in any new environment.