VELA Corp cooperates with Codegym to participate in the career day at the University of Commerce


Recently, VELA was present at the University of Commerce to attend the career day for students, with the task of supporting Codegym (a project invested by VELA Corp ), our team has had interesting experience, closer to the students. Listen to and share from the forerunners about the job environment with the theme "Starting a business - behind the spotlight" hit the reality that students will encounter after graduation, as a homeowner. Recruitment, we give you useful tips and solutions to help you get ready to step into the future career path.

VELA Corp's team is present at "Codegym consulting desk" to participate in career day for
College of Commerce students

In fact, there are many students who still do not have a sense of learning about future employment issues, do not have the right view of the career they pursue, which leads to confusion. After graduating from school, I officially entered the working environment at companies and enterprises. This issue warns about the situation of young Vietnamese workers. According to employers, current students have delusional thoughts about their own worth, ideas about a good working environment, high salary, welfare regimes, etc. themselves, leading to mistakes in the process of learning and experiencing themselves in school.

Most of the students have no orientation regarding the problem
future job

As recruiters, Codegym and VELA Corp have brought to the event what students are lacking, so that they can better see the current working environment. In fact, after the good and good degrees in the university lecture hall, we share what you need.

Under the intense mid-April heat in the Chamber of Commerce, VELA Corp's red shirt was soaked with sweat, but that didn't dampen our spirits. Not only sharing knowledge, VELA also energizes young people with hand fans named VELA Corp.

VELA Corp's red shirt stands out in the April heat at the University of Commerce

One of the meaningful activities to help students prepare for the closing season, exam season…we believe that through this event, they will have more serious thoughts on employment issues. . Don't keep a subjective mentality, wherever you go, first-year 2nd year students. Be prepared to become the target of every recruiter.