VELA Corp – the gold sponsor of the program “Starting with Kawai”


The story of entrepreneurship has become a hot topic in the young Vietnamese community in recent years. Passion, ideas and even risk, the youth of people in their 20s have made Kawai's 6-month journey exciting and full of emotions...

In the final night, the 5 best teams stood together on the stage called "start-up", now what you show to the judges, or your peers, is not only in ideas but that is actual action.

What do you do? How? Results out later? Everything must be clear and convincing!

Start-up final with Kawai calling out the winning team with the Upbeat sports community connection project

"The limit of success is not in winning, but the winner will be the best." In every competition, the best team will be called! And started with Kawai called Upbeat! Because you deserve to be in this program.

For VELA Corp., we came to the program as a gold sponsor, but for young people, we are still standing in the position of businesses, startups that go ahead, share passion, their own experiences create motivation, helping young people who are cherishing their dreams to continue making more efforts on their own path to conquering success. Therefore, Ms Mai Giang CHRO of VELA did not hesitate to share and ask questions to the teams, in the spirit of helping you improve yourself not only for this contest but also for your children. the "difficult" way to start a business later.

On the position of a leading enterprise, VELA Corp has shared for young people with a passion for starting a business.

The story of who wins and loses is not as important as whether you continue to walk with us or not? Because in all 5 teams, we all see youth, passion and enterprising. What is appreciated for an entrepreneur!

Becoming a sponsor of the program is something we never regret, “Starting a business with Kawai, the incubator for young Vietnamese generations, is a place that inspires the path of starting a business despite difficulties. and many sad stories but keep moving forward until you can't!"

Representative of VELA Corp is proud to stand in the ranks of sponsors

The "start-up ecosystem" is growing stronger and attracting many young people and business lovers to participate. Above all, we uphold the enterprising spirit of the young Vietnamese generation. Hopefully in the future, VELA Corp will continue to have the opportunity to accompany and nurture Vietnamese dreams not only in the domestic arena but also in the world.