VELA Corp accompanies Startup Apple


One of the most attractive events for the startup community in Vietnam attracting attention from domestic and international investors to attend was organized and led by the team of “Startup Apples”. .

The event attracted a large attendance of the startup community

Recently, on April 22 at the VELA Corp office, the FINDING PRODUCT MARKET FIT event was held to solve the concerns of the startup community with the problem of "how to make the product suitable for the market?"

This is one of the annual events of "Startup Apple" to create practical knowledge-sharing activities around entrepreneurship in the 4.0 era.

In this talk show, with the leadership of MC Hoang Phi Long - one of the Startup Apples, the event was honored to invite the speakers who are all experienced in many startup fields in the market. Vietnamese

Mr. Ma Hoang Hai - CEO of Startup Rada.

Mr. Nguyen Manh Thang – CTO of Luxstay, Co founder/ Advisor of TechHub Community.

The speakers present at the event are all experienced in the field of startups

Ignoring the capital issue, the product is considered one of the core points that determine the success or failure of a business, so any start-up who wants to develop their products also needs to have certain things. sharp look at the Vietnamese market.

Emphasizing this issue, at the sharing session Mr. Ma Hoang Hai has made practical comments, that is the problem that Vietnam's service market is not good because the advertising is not true, this leads to many consequences after embarking on the business development process. However, this does not mean that you choose safe things and ignore hot product sources.

Mr. Hai's advice is that just do it, follow the market is important to keep yourself the mentality of not being afraid, not afraid ... just be sure to grasp the market needs, your idea will be successful.

Those who attended the event listened attentively to the speaker's presentation

Along with that, he also pointed out the core values ​​​​for a successful startup:

Both sides have benefits

Suitable service

Someone is paying

On the side of VELA Corp, we are honored to become one of the sponsors of the event, bringing space and motivation to Vietnamese startups.

Investing in many startup projects, we understand the difficulties you face in the process of bringing your ideas and products to the market, but if you want to grow up, want to do something big, the VELA team willing to keep and promote the spirit of dare to think big, dare to bet, dare to make commitments, dare to commit, dare to change, dare to be determined, dare to implement goals...