VELA One provides business operation full services package in Southeast Asian countries such as: Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, ...

1. VELA One is a service on behalf of the seller (Vendor) handling all stages related to operation including:

- Sourcing of goods - price negotiation: Support sourcing and negotiating prices according to customer requirements, providing customers with quality goods at competitive prices. Order directly from Taobao, 1688, Tmall,... with the cheapest service fees and superior order management system.

- Logistics: Provide goods declaration services, carry out customs procedures to help clear goods by official route to Southeast Asian countries, commit to shipping time with efforts to bring Customers peace of mind - trust the process of transporting goods to be able to steadily develop their business plan. With many years of experience in the field of providing transportation services, Vela strictly manages the process to minimize damage and loss of goods.

- Telesales - closing orders:  With a team of highly qualified telesales, many years of experience in the field of sales and a large service network in Southeast Asian countries. VELA always ensures a high rate of closing orders.

- Warehouse operation:  Help the seller (Vendor) save the cost of renting warehouses, machinery and technology, hiring staff and materials for packaging. VELA will be the solution optimize the budget for order fulfillment of E-commerce businesses and retailers

- Payment - local legal support:  In order to support Vendor to operate and develop based on a stable legal foundation,  Convert currency directly to Suppliers quickly and conveniently with preferential fees. treat.


  • VELA One is proud to be a pioneer in the field of cross-border E-Commerce logistics. Businesses, retailers (Vendor) are supported in all sales steps, with the most optimal time and cost savings in Southeast Asian countries (Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines)
  • With the all-inclusive sales service ecosystem at VELA One, customers do not have to worry about sourcing, consulting to close orders and logistics, instead just focus on finding customers, and market expansion. Since now VELA One has always been a solid support for you, we are confident that we can bring the most success and satisfaction to you and your customers.

- Fee policy please refer to: here

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