With 7 years of establishment, VELA has been present in 7 countries with 8 offices, and an impressive market expansion rate. In 2023, VELA focuses on building a culture of connection between member countries. The beginning of this connection is the Leadership Spring Trip including Vietnam - Philippines - Indonesia - Malaysia from March 17-19.

VELA Global visit Sai Gon

BBQ Garden at VELA HUB

Excited faces with Lang Biang mountain climbing trip

Da Lat had beautiful sunshine and a pleasant climate to welcome a group of 50 people. We had the opportunity to conquer the peak of Lang Biang 2,167m high, and experience the local culture of Lam Dong.

The road to conquer Lang Biang mountain passed through cool and beautiful pine forests, and tall old trees. Despite language and cultural differences, the spirit of conquering challenges had brought us together. There was a hot sun, fatigue, muscle pain, there we cramps but we didn't give up on our goal.

Conquer the top of the mountain in 3 hours

Picnic in the pine forest at noon

Fun and excitement were the experiences we had together. This year, VELA will promote cross-cultural connections to enhance the brand and build a strong VELA collective spirit in member countries.

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