Culture has long been an important factor influencing the behavior and decisions of people in different countries. As a country with a very unique culture, the Philippines is no exception. The buying behavior of people here is influenced by many different cultural factors such as family, friends and society. Through many years of international integration, today this buying behavior is still influenced by modern consumption trends of people in Asia, Europe,...

1. Family culture is very important to Filipinos:

Family has always been one of the most influential factors for most Filipinos. In a typical Filipino family, the parents are the custodians of the money and, in some cases, the shopping advisors for their children. Besides family members, friends and colleagues are also influential in the consumption decisions of Filipinos. Because the personalities of the residents here are quite cautious, they often tend to listen to the advice of their loved ones around in choosing the right product or brand for their needs.

2. Filipinos like to connect with people around:

Regardless of social class, Filipinos love to shop because this activity represents a very strong social connection and exchange - one of the most important aspects of Philippine culture. In fact, the island nation boasts three of the largest commercial centers in the world today. With the existence of such large commercial centers, shopping has really become an important activity, a part of the daily life of Filipinos.

3. Belief affects the purchasing decision of consumers here:

The influence of beliefs strongly influences the choice of products and services of customers here. An example of this is that in Filipino culture, black shirt represents bad luck, so people here often refrain from buying this color. However, as the concept of fashion is gradually being modernized and integrated with the latest trends of the world, these old beliefs have gradually been replaced. In addition, the West also has an important influence on the formation of Philippine culture because during the time this country was occupied by the Spaniards, Western beliefs such as Catholicism are also one of the factors. Factors worth considering in the shopping process of customers here.