On November 15, VelaCorp had a meeting with RED - Institute for Development Communication Research to hear and share about the Campaign "Sand to create livelihoods" - Bringing Aloe Vera plants to people in the region. Raglai in Ninh Thuan. At the same time, he donated 30,000,000 VND to the charity fund, equivalent to 15,000 Aloe Vera trees, for this meaningful campaign.

With the aim of aiming at health, improving spiritual values ​​for employees and contributing to the community, this year VelaCorp wants to spread more social values ​​through Uprace activities so it has decided to donate to the Treebank charity fund - This is the result of tireless steps throughout the Uprace 2023 journey of the VelaCorp team. Once again, thank you RED for bringing a meaningful Campaign, thank you to the entire UBOX team, VelaGroup Vietnam & Global, and our companions.