In Vietnam, the strong development of e-commerce and cross-border import of goods has attracted many young people to participate in online sales. Due to limitations in capital, knowledge, skills, etc., many individuals/units operate in the field of e-commerce, online sellers on social networks and e-commerce platforms. The company has turned to a third party to provide fulfillment services instead of doing it themselves from A-Z like the traditional model to reduce the burden of inventory, labor and shipping costs during business expansion. .

Some criteria to choose fulfillment companies suitable for your business needs:

Công ty fulfillment phù hợp

1. Cost commensurate with service quality, with preferential policies

Low input costs, will help you have the opportunity to increase profits. However, do not be cheap, You need to care about the quality of service that you will receive. The growth in scale and reputation of your brand depends a lot on the quality of fulfillment services provided by partners. Even if the fault belongs to the partner and they are responsible for handling, your store will be affected by negative reviews from customers.

Choose partners whose service quality meets your needs and is commensurate with the costs you spend. And if you can find a provider whose service quality exceeds both expectations and costs, it's great.

Partners with more preferential policies for large customers is also one of the criteria for you to consider further. It will help you optimize input costs.

2. Modern facilities, ensuring standards

Compared to the warehouse system of business individuals and cross-border importers, the warehouse systems, facilities, and operating processes of fulfillment companies have much stricter requirements.

The warehouse system must have enough space to store goods in a scientific manner, easy to see, easy to take, easy to check, and ensure the safety of goods. The tools, tools and supplies must be sufficient and guaranteed to comply with the commitments agreed with the partner.

3. Operational productivity to meet your business scale

Operational productivity of fulfillment companies is one of the important factors that you need to consider carefully before deciding to cooperate. If the partner's capacity does not meet the size of your business, it will affect the speed of delivery and the customer's experience of the product. This will affect your business performance and brand reputation

4. Professional, reputable and efficient operation team

The qualifications and attitude of the fulfillment company's employees will determine the quality of service that you and your customers receive. Especially when unexpected problems arise, a professional and reputable operation team will handle the problem effectively to achieve the best results for both parties.

5. There are many added values ​​for customers

Price is one of the leading factors to choose a supplier to cooperate with. But the added value they are able to provide helps to increase customer satisfaction with products as well as improve business performance. You need to consider this factor carefully when considering between service providers.

The two fulfillment companies have a price difference of about 5%. Compared with the company with a low price, the company with a higher price can connect to the API system of the consignment and import units from China to help your business information be updated automatically. fast; does not require a minimum of 1 month of inventory; So which company will you prioritize?

6. Information about businesses, services, clear, transparent

Finding out in advance the information related to the technology or service operating system of the service provider will help you get the most accurate view of how that system process happens. The cooperative attitude and willingness to provide detailed information to service users also partly show the transparency and reputation of the provider. Information about the service, fee schedule, clear and transparent policy regulations will create convenience for you in the process of using the service as well as a basis for handling arising problems.

7. “Hundred to hear is not equal to one to see”

Although you have carefully researched the information about service providers over the internet, consulted the reviews of those who have used them, if you have the opportunity, please contact to exchange staff and visit the warehouse system directly. as their use experience to get the most objective assessment.

Above are 7 criteria that Vela  suggests for you. There will be other criteria for you to consider choosing a service provider, it depends on your business size and needs.