VELA Thailand Company Trip - 2022 took place in 2 days (from 2nd to 3rd August) in the joyful and excited atmosphere of VELAers. Although the Thai market is new but full of potential, it will certainly be further developed by young Thai VELAers, full of enthusiasm, dynamism and not afraid of difficulties. They made beautiful memories together on this trip.

True to the spirit of NONSTOP GROWING, the Thai VELAers spent 2 days having fun interacting with each other. Every word, every action is true to the gentle, open and polite personality characteristic.

Phalan Tong Waterfall is the destination of the Company Trip, a place immersed in nature with beautiful scenery and pleasant fresh air. The exchange stories between VELA colleagues from 2 countries, Thai dishes and happy laughter created a wonderful and memorable atmosphere.

Warm small party of VELAers

Dubbed the "Land of the Golden Temple", Vietnamese VELAers cannot forget to visit the ancient, sacred and characteristic temples of Thailand.

Hopefully in the future, VELA will grow and expand even more. Let's join hands to create a strong VELA with great success!