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On the morning of November 29, 2023, the event "Journey from Vietnam to the international level" organized by WorldFirst - Global payment solution - took place at JW Marriott Hotel, Hanoi. 
At the event, SaboMall appeared as the official partner of 1688 and WorldFirst.

The program included many big brands in the field of cross-border e-commerce business with the participation of high-level delegations such as Mr. Yang Peng - Chairman of Ant International, Mr. Bruce Ding - Director of Global B2C Block WorldFirst, Mr. Xiaoquan Huang - Head of Global Supply 1688, DuZhi Zhang - Chairman of ShenZhen Yiteng Web Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Dennis Wu - Head of Supplier Search in Asia Wayfair, Mr. Alex Tran - Founder & CEO EcomStone, Ms. Duyen Nguyen - Director of E-commerce Dragon Pacific Express and more than 300 guests who are cross-border businessmen on e-commerce platforms in Vietnam and International. 

The program aimed to support Vietnamese businessmen to reach out to the world with many solutions on sourcing (WayFair), payment (WorldFirst), shipping (Dragon Pacific Express), Fulfillment (FBU), E-commerce platform (SaboMall)

At the event, after the sharing of the chairman of Ant International - Mr. Yang Peng about the journey from Vietnam to the international level, Mr. Bruce Ding - Director of Global B2C Block WorldFirst answered many questions related to payment and global payment of WorldFirst. 

After Mr. Bruce Ding's sharing, Mr. Xiaoquan Huang - Head of Global Supply 1688 analyzed deeper about the aspect of sourcing. Especially the import of goods from 1688 to Vietnam.

Especially, in the speech and presentation document at the event, the senior representative of 1688 introduced SaboMall as the official partner in Vietnam, sponsored by 1688 in terms of sourcing and technology. 

SaboMall is an e-commerce platform designed specifically for Vietnamese users to search and buy 1688 products directly from sellers, without intermediaries. With the language completely in Vietnamese, buyers can confidently choose, shop and exchange with sellers or support team from SaboMall to help solve orders quickly.

The launch of 1688 Vietnamese version is considered a bold, breakthrough but also timely move of the SaboMall team. According to the evaluation of the attendees, the appearance of SaboMall has helped a lot in importing goods for cross-border businessmen in Vietnam. 

According to the comments of the attendees, the information shared from the experts in this event has brought a lot of experience, thinking and new perspectives to the businessmen. The success stories of the leading e-commerce sellers are also a source of inspiration to motivate Vietnamese enterprises to seek and connect with opportunities to confidently expand their business on the online export journey with WorldFirst. 
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