[PHILIPPINES] VELA Philippines Company Trip 2022 - The Nonstop Growing


After the success of the Vietnam and Indonesia company trip, the Philippines company trip will be held. During the 2 years of the epidemic outbreak, VELA not only maintained its business speed but also continuously increased its personnel and expanded its market.

True to the spirit of THE NONSTOP GROWING, the healthy, happy and enthusiastic young members of VELA Philippines had a trip full of energy and excitement.

Established in 2018, the VELA Philippines team has reached 50 employees, most of which are long-term employees with the company. Because of the optimistic and sophisticated personality of Filipinos, VELA chose the Philippines as the first country in the journey to conquer the ASEAN region. Not only being responsible and fulfilling at work, Filipino VELAers also work hard to learn and adapt.

Dubbed the "island of love", the Philippines is famous for its beautiful scenery, unique festivals, delicious food, developed cinema, and very likable people. Let's feel a little sunshine, a little sea breeze and lots of lovely smiles of VELAers in the Philippines.

Marcos Island located in Hundred Islands National Park is the perfect destination for the company trip. The VELAers showed their ingenuity and solidarity through exciting team building games. The July sun and wind of Pangasinan land highlighted more their sweat, their lively atmosphere, and their charming smiles. This is also a great place to soak in the clear water, snorkel to see the coral and enjoy fresh seafood.

All of them enthusiastically had fun during the trip, until everyone's face appeared tanned from the sun but still couldn't hide the smiles on their lips.

The journey ended with a jubilant gala dinner. The whole 2-day journey was not the most fun, only fun and more fun.

The Nonstop Growing 2022 has traveled from Vietnam, to Indonesia and finally ended in the beautiful Philippines. The spirit of fire and enthusiasm has become an inherent characteristic of each VELAers in the countries.

The trip ended with laughter and joy, leaving behind moments and memories that we can't forget about the people, culture, and spirit of the diverse VELA members.

Join us in creating an even better VELA. Travel with us to more new lands, creating more ethnically diverse VELAers. And please accompany us on the next Company Trip!