[INDONESIA] VELA Indonesia Company Trip 2022 - The Nonstop Growing 


Within 6 years of establishment and development, VELA has rapidly expanded its market, built 8 offices and warehouses in 6 countries with more than 600 employees. Differences in economy, ethnicity and language do not prevent VELA's typical corporate culture, which is enthusiasm, solidarity and integration. Let's see how excited and the Indonesian VELAers are at the VELA INDONESIA COMPANY TRIP 2022 - THE NONSTOP GROWING trip.

In the wonderful fresh air at Grafika Resort Cikole-lembang, Bandung, West Jakarta, Jawa, the Indonesian VELAers spent 2 days playing enthusiastically, enjoying themselves. Without distinction of hierarchy and position, they played together as close friends.

Games that challenge dexterity, patience and wisdom.

The game not only challenges ingenuity and patience, but it also requires teamwork and sacrifice to win glorious victories. To drink the cup of joy when completing the missions. The smiles on the Indonesian VELAers' lips made the atmosphere charged with excitement. Besides, the sweat was pouring off them but no one seemed tired and nobody bothered to give up the game. This shows their spirit of play, fighting hard during this trip. They are in the true spirit of the VELA collective "Work hard, Play hard."

Enthusiasm - solidarity - integration are the things that Indonesia VELAers shared during this trip. Although it was only for 2 short days, it was enough for them to spend happy moments with their teammates and many good memories.

VELA with "continuous inspiration" will go further and further, conquer new potential lands with blaze of color. VELA will explore and take you to new horizons with the companionship, the integration between countries, the joy of Team Building games, the light, and a torch to light a burning fire with passion and effort, dedication in work.

The Nonstop Growing - VELA Indonesia Company Trip 2022 has ended with memorable pictures and memories. And the most fortunate thing is that we were present on that trip, still full of joy and the affection of friends here.