Terms Of Use



All of products transport by VELA commit strictly following regulations of the law and VELA policy. All of products included in the Lists of forbidden goods by law and Vela's policy, VELA disclaimed all responsibility for these forbidden goods. Thus, customers pay damages to Vela/Partner and are responsible for the administration of the law (if any).

1. Warehoused goods satisfies the conditions:

Goods receipt has been created;

Excluding all of products included in the list of forbidden goods by law;

Must have the trademark in accordance with the law;

The invoice in full, certification of orgin

All of products with many parts and details to assemble and complete the finished product before sending the goods to the warehouse.

2. Goods receipt.

a. Domestic goods:

A copy of the input invoice (can cover the input price);

A detailed list attached;

A delivery document cum a goods receipt (following the Vela's form);

A goods issue cum an internal delivery.

b. Import goods:

All of documents are the same as documents of domestic goods;

A copy of customs papers file (can cover the input price).

The obligation of customers to delivery with a hard copy of the goods receipt. To advoid confusion, the goods receipt are handed over to VELA that will be considered valid for sending these goods in the warehouse. Vela will not be responsible for review, check the accuracy of the goods receipt.


1. Declaration of goods information

Customer fill in the blanks with correct information about the package information, including:

Receiver/ Sender information: Name, address, phone number;

Package information: product information, quanlity, the amount of cash on delivery;

Secondary services (if any): goods inspection and insured, and so forth. If there is no attached information, VELA will by default understand that customer does not use these secondaty services.

These above information is basic for VELA to calculate the service fee following the fee schedule and the pricing system since customers create the order.

2. Goods package and delivery to Delivery Partner

With customers use VELA's storage and order operational services, and send goods to VELA's delivery partners are required to compliant with the package policy of each partner.

In case of packaging material suppied by customers (bags, cartons), VELA has the right to deny or charge any extra fee for storing and preserving as agreed.

3. Cancel orders before being our of the warehouse

Customer has the right to cancel in the following cases, where:

- The order has been not processed.

- The order is processed and waiting to package.

- The order is packaged and has been not handed to the delivery partner.

- Payment of expenses will be paid by customer in case of canclling the packaging order.

- The packging fee.

- The packging materials fee.

- The returned order fee.

4. Return orders to VELA's warehouse

The return process (if any) based on VELA's delivry partners and VELA's partners. Threfore, customers are required to compliant with special regulations and policies of each chosen partner.

After returning orders, VELA will conduct the check the goods.

If the goods is intact, VELA will conduct the process of sending goods to the warehouse and continue doing business.

If the goods is inadequate and have errors (deformed, damaged goods), the warehouse's stafff will take a report and inform to the warehouse management department to request the complaint to the delivery firm.

In case of the goods having errors and both customers and the delivery partner have not given the last option, VELA will refusal to receive goods.


VELA was absolved from responsibility and has the right to refuse to compensation in the following cases, where:

The product is about to be out of date, physical perishable during the storage period.

The product changes quality by themselves during the storage period or due to customer's cause.

The product is burned, lost or damaged in case of objective factors, unavoidable happens, natural disasters, floods, earthquakes, etc.

Loss or damage of products due to the fault of the customer, the consignees

VELA is not responsible for the goods on the withdrawal list that the customer does not pick up within 03 days since the withdrawal slip is ready for delivery.

Other cases apply according to postal laws promulgated by state agencies.

Damaged products with inventory error less than or equal to 1% VELA refuse to compensate.

IV. Cash on Delivery (COD) policy

1. In case of the customer does not use the delivery service that is a VELA's partners or provided by VELA.

Customers work directly with cooperated e-commerce organizations without VELA's responsibility for COD receipts (if any).

2. In case the customer uses the dlivery service as aVELA's partner or provided by VELA.

Agree on Th terms of use service, customers agree to authorize VELA to collect their COD (if any).

VELA is responsible for checking and paying COD every monday, wednesday, and friday. The COD payment will be updated to the customer's Username (on the system), the customer can send an email requesting withdrawal to the bank account according to regulations. The transfer fee collected by the bank at the time of transaction (if any) will be paid by the customer.


1. Reconciled services

The reconciled service action has been conducted every month

The reconciled period lasts from monday to friday weakly. In case the reconciled action coincids with a saturday, sunday or holiday, the dated of reconciled will be counted into the next working day.

2. Reconciled period and process

From the 1st to the 5th of each month, VELA will send an email notification to the customer about the incurred charges and the service bill of the previous month (customers log in to the VELA system to check the detailed data).

Orders that are costed are successfully packaged bills is from the 25th of the previous month to the 24th of the current month.

For packaged orders, but for some reason, the customer stops sending to the delivery firm and needs to re-enter the VELA warehouse, they will still charge the warehouse fee as usual.

Within 7 working days from the date VELA announces the service charge via email, the customer will check, compare and respond to the results with VELA. In case of deviation, the two parties will agree to make adjustments in the following month.

Overdue of time, if the customer does not respond, or the response is not clear, then VELA's aggregated results are automatically correct and the parties commit not to have any complaints or disputes on this issue.

3. Time-limit for paymnent (in case of full service use)

Customers are obliged to pay the service see, ddditional surcharge to VELA within five (05) working days from the date of confirmation of debt closing or as separately agreed in the contract appendix.

4. Mode of payment

VELA receives payment from customer via bank account. Depending on the agreement of the parties, the payment shall be made in one of the following forms:

a. Paid-for in advance.

The customer transfers money to VELA in advance by loading the service fee to be paid into the customer's service account balance on VELA's system.

Based on the expected and actual daily orders, the customer determines the prepayment amount to maintain the service. VELA only performs the service when the customer's service account balance (Username) is enough to offset the service fee.

VELA has no obligation to perform services when customer's Username account balance is insufficient and VELA has no obligation for actual/potential loss to customer due to this service interruption.

b. Debt deduction or offset against cash on delivery (COD)

In case the customer has a contract to use VELA's delivery service and authorizes VELA to collect COD, the parties will make a record of debt clearing according to the provisions of the law of each country.


VELA refuses to storage all goods on the list of prohibited goods in general and items on the list of prohibited storage goods according to VELA's storage policy.

Customers will be able to storage goods for free in the first period of 30 days from the first day of goods being stocked, VELA will start charging from the 31st day according to the prescribed fee schedule, however if:

Goods have been stored for more than 150 days (from the time of calculating the storage fee) or the incurred storage costs are greater than the retail price of the products, and the money in the customer's Username account is no longer for the system to deduct (negative financials).

Customer notices request to cancel the goods (at any time).

VELA will proceed to liquidate or destroy the goods without any responsibility for the goods, nor any obligation to refund the goods or any fees incurred (if any).

Please see the details: here.


1. Lost/damaged goods at VELA's warehouse.

VELA compensates in accordance with the policy on complaints and according to the terms of the contract agreement.

Note: Goods after confirmation of loss, lost are found within 60 days from the time of confirmation of loss of goods. The fulfillment warehouse will notify Seller and proceed to re-enter these goods and the refund value will be paid back to the fulfillment warehouse.

In all cases when a problem arises, VELA will represent the customer to work with the delivery firm to ensure the customer's interests in accordance with the current regulations and policies of the delivery firm.

2. Goods are lost/damaged after they have been delivered to VELA's delivery.

By agreeing to use the service, the customer agrees that VELA is a platform connecting transportation services, helping to facilitate the process of transporting goods to the buyer. In case a dispute/complaint occurs between the customer and the delivery firm, VELA will act as an intermediary to assist in resolving complaints and disputes. The result of the complaint settlement does not represent or change the role of VELA as a partner providing a platform to connect transportation services between the delivery firm and the customer. VELA is not involved in the transportation of goods and is not responsible for damages that may occur during the use of the service with the customer's delivery firm.