Warehousing Policy




All of products transport by VELA commit strictly following requlations of the law and VELA policy. Therefore, customers need to be proactive your products before bonding

Vela refuses storage all of products in the list of commodities prohibited and some products on l list:

1. Child abuse: All of products have negatively affected or child abuse, including the image or content child abuse.

2. Aggreesive content: All of products have fierce dangerous against everyone based on race, nation, pigmentation, national origin, religion, age, gender, sex orientation, disability, medical condition, ex-serviceman.

3. Illegal activity: All of products create conditions and promote law-breaking activities used for business or transporting.

4. Intellectual property violation: All of products infringe on its patent, copyright, trademark or others' intellectual property rights.

5. Malware: All of products have a virus or malicious code or are designed for the purpose of illegal entering into the computer, damaging to the data and information system, operating and connection computer system with the FBU or middlemen, network, infrastructure, and so forth.

6. Personal information: All of products containing personal identities, for example, credit-card number, ID number, banking password, health record, job information, and so forth; unless the customer approval in writing or authorized person approval.

7. Limited products: All of products are limited by the laws and regulations.

8. Self-harm: All of products harm themselves

9. Terrorist organization: All of products drive at or support for any terrorist organization.

In case of customers deliberately send forbidden goods to Vela's warehouse (Vela's staffs might not possess the neccessary techincal knowledge to determine); Vela disclaimed all responsibility for these forbidden goods. Thus, customers pay damages to Vela/Partner and are responsible for the administration of the law (if any).

Vela has the right to cancel and interrupt any product or terminate the customer account or permission to access any service in case of violation of terms within the warehousing policy.


Goods will be storaged for free in the first 30-day perior from the date of shippment, then, Vela will charge a fee from the 31-day following the fee schedule, however:

Goods storage more than 150 days (from the date of charging the storage fee) or the storage fee is more than the retail price of products and simultaneous with having no spare money in the customer's account (negative finance).

Customers ask for cancallation goods (no matter what the timing is).

Vela will liquidate or cancel goods will no any responsibility for products, as well as no rights to reimbursement or pay any cost incurred (if any).

Vela has the right to control but no compulsory supervisor and investigation into utilization of customers' services as well as lines of business aimed at ensuring accurate the wareshousing policy and Vela terms of services.

Vela has the right to deny, stop to package of products that violate the policy required under relevant authorities, transportation firms or to ensure the interests of consumers.

In any products that violate or potentially violate this commitment/policy are found, please inform Vela in the shortest time for reviewing, even though Vela has no obligation to take any action with these products.

Decision of Vela about violating the warehousing policy will happen or not will be final binding decision. And both any actions to be taken related to the enforcement of the warehousing policy, and not taken any action are determined by Vela.

This is Vela Invesment and Technolofy Joint Stock Company's warehousing policy relates to offer Vela's services for customers. Vela has the right to change the warehousing policy any time and a confirmation email will be sent to customers and posted on Vela's website.

Continuing using Vela's services after updating the changed policy that equivalent to adhere to all terms of the Vela's changed warehousing policy.