With today's competitive market, attracting and retaining loyal customers is extremely important. There are many ways to build customer trust and loyalty from implementing marketing campaigns, running ads or offering attractive incentives… And in that, it is impossible not to mention improving logistics services- one of the most important steps to complete the buying and selling process.

To conduct business smoothly in a new market, businesses need to know what products are attracting attention and serving the needs of local people. Let's explore with PFG the top 03 "hot" industries in Thailand to come up with business ideas in this country!

1. Improved electronic devices and machines:

A few years ago, electronic devices may have only been popular with working age people or those interested and working in technology. However, today's generation of young people - who grew up in the era of the explosion of science, technology and digital, they also have much access to and are very interested in modern devices, become an indispensable part of the world. lacking in life such as vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, game equipment, entertainment ...

Thais are also very concerned about the quality of their products and often shop when a new model comes out because they want to experience the latest innovations. That is why this industry has always been a great attraction to Thai people.

2. Fashion:

Recently, Thai people have started to pay more attention to expressing themselves, especially when many activities or festivals are held again. Costumes help them express their own lifestyle and personality through decorations or accessories. Some popular fashion styles in Thailand are Western European modern style or Korean youth style influenced by the Hallyu wave,...

When trading in fashion products here, businesses need to clearly define their target customers, what types of activities they often participate in and what type of design and material will be suitable for that activity. . Besides, please pay attention to the weather here to promptly bring to the market the right products!

3. Cosmetics:
Cosmetics is definitely a hot commodity not only in Thailand but also in many countries around the world, regardless of culture and religion.

Currently in Thailand, people are very interested in taking care of themselves from health to appearance. Cosmetics are no longer only the concern of women, but now they have also become popular and popular products for men. Everyone wants to live true to their own style and beautify themselves not only with makeup tools but also with full-body skincare products. Therefore, this is an industry with great demand and many opportunities for businesses to invest. Besides, with the desire to take care of health and keep a young and beautiful appearance, functional foods are also a category with great potential for development.